Who are the Lord and Son and Holy Spirit?

They are not three Gods, but one God in a three Persons! The Trinity, who is one and indivisible.

Who are the Lord and Son and Holy Spirit?

God has created the World' divine with one word of His own. God can do anything that's amusing to you. God is a highest living creature. He has no equal indifference to them, on earth, or in heaven. Mankind cannot reach Him in our mind with their sense of purpose. If God Himself did not tell us about Himself, we could not know Him. What we know about God, all that is shown to us by Himself. If God has created the first people - Adam and Eva - then He is his first person in heaven to criticize Himself, how diligently to lead in the one true God and how to achieve His will.

For God's sake, it was passed on from one generation to another, and then, behind God's sponsorship, it was written by Moses and other prophets in the holy book.

It was decided by God himself, that the Son of Him, Jesus Christ, will come to the earth and will finish his work, for the sake of people's knowledge about God. He has shown people a great feeling, that God is one, or a triune in Person. The First Person of Person is God the Father, the second Person's Son of the God, the third Person is God the Holy Spirit.

There are not three Gods, but one God in three Persons, the Trinity, who is one and indivisible.

There are three Divine Persons, none of them older, none younger; God the Father is a true God, so God the Son is a true God, so the Holy Spirit is a true God.

There is no one like God the Father who is not born, the Son of God is born of God the Father, and the Holy Spirit is the descendant of God the Father.

Christ, through the reveal of Mistery of the Most Holy Trinity, having guided us not only to worship God, but also to love God, all three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - to experience Himself in one and the same love and to combine Himself with one essence.

The Lord is the source of Love.

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